Ghana Law School

Entry Requirements

Post Call Eligibility

Every applicant must have attended and graduated with a first degree in Law from a law school or schools. The applicant must have passed the bar or the solicitor’s course and be academically qualified to practice or currently practicing in their respective jurisdictions. The applicant cannot be disbarred, be under investigation or undergoing disciplinary proceedings from any legal regulatory body.

Applicants who qualified in the UK jurisdiction and obtained the GDL before going on to complete the BPTC or LPC are qualified to apply for the Post Call Course.

Link to the GSL website:    http://gslaw.edu.gh/programmes/post-call-law- course/

Application Process

The applicant must first submit a cover letter requesting admission to the law school and reasons why they are applying. This cover letter should be accompanied by the applicant’s academic certificates and transcripts. There is an application fee of GHc 500 payable by bank draft to the Board of Legal Education.

The school will then contact the applicant and give them a PIN number to fill in a form online. After this has been completed the applicant will be called for an interview. This is an in person interview and cannot be conducted over Skype.

We recommend any interested persons contact the Registrar’s office at Ghana Law School if they have any questions further questions or would like any further clarification.


Once the application has been received, the requisite forms filled out and application fee paid (see Application Process), the applicant will be called for an interview at the Ghana School of Law located at Makola, Accra Ghana.

The interview notice list details about the interview, date, time and dress code. In case it is omitted, the dress code is black and white. Men (black or dark suit, white shirt and tie, black shoes) Women (Black suit (trousers or skirt), and white blouse or shirt and black shoes.

We advise all applicants arrive at the venue early. Traffic can be quite fierce in the mornings as the Law School is located directly opposite the popular Makola Market. Applicants should enquire from law school staff about the location of the interview room. It is likely to be in the Registrar’s office (located on the ground floor of the school). Students are usually asked to wait together in the Post Call classroom, which can be found on the first floor using the far right staircase.

Normally at least 2 people conduct the interview, the Registrar and the Assistant Registrar. The Director may attend. The interview generally lasts about 5-10 minutes. They ask about 3 – 5 questions. Sample questions include, asking you to describe your education and academic history, explain why you are looking to practice in Ghana instead of abroad and to list the qualities of a good lawyer.

Money & Fees

At the interview, the school will inform applicants about the fees. Currently the fee is GBP £6000. The school takes payment in other currency (Cedis and Dollars). The school sets the exchange rates. This may be higher than that of the current exchange market. In 2016 £6000 was calculated as GH36,000.

Generally, the school rates are not the most competitive so it is best to pay your fees in a currency that works for you. If you have dollars it is advised that you convert your currency to pounds and pay in pounds.

Account name
Board of Legal Education

Account numbers
GHS Account : 1018631471013
GBP Account : 1018631471022
USD Account : 1028631398017

*This information is correct as of October 2017


This is usually given by the Director, Registrar and Deputy Registrar who come to the classroom to welcome the students and explain the school’s rules about fees (the deadlines), dress code and attendance. They may take some questions

Barnor Legal Engine also wishes to give Post Call Students a welcome Orientation from past student’s perspectives and will be visiting the school to do so sometime in the first few weeks of the course.

Book List

The prices stated are the prices at the Ghana School of Law Bookshop located at the Makola campus, unless stated otherwise.

** Books recommended by Barnor Law Engine

All Statutes may be bought from Assembly Press

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am - 4:30pm

Contact no: 0302 664 3389

Print out of prices of all statutes costs GH5 from Assembly Press.

1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana ** S/S GH 7
L/S GH20
H/C GH30
High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules, 2004 (C.I. 47) ** GH 88
Marriages Act 1884-1985 CAP 127 GH 15
Matrimonial Causes Act 1971 GH 10
Criminal Offences Act 1960 (Act 29) ** GH 40
Criminal and Other Offence (Procedure) Act (Act 30) 1960 ** GH 45
Interpretation Act 2009 ** GH 17
Courts Act 1993 (Act 459) GH 42
Juvenile Justice Act 2003 (Act 653) GH 12
The Evidence Act 1975
The Ghana Legal System Emmanuel Kwabena Quansah GH 150 (free from Law School)
Constitutional Law and History of Ghana Maxwell Opoku Agyemang GH 120
Law of Evidence in Ghana Maxwell Opoku Agyemang GH 250
At a Glance! Contemporary Principles of Family Law in Ghana Frederica Ahwireng-Obeng GH 200 (free from Law School) Compound next to New Law Complex - GH 150
Modern Approach to The Law of Interpretation in Ghana Dennis Dominic Adjei GH 300
Land Law, Practice and Conveyancing in Ghana Dennis Dominic Adjei GH 350
The Annotated Criminal Offences Act of Ghana (Act 29) Henrietta J.A.N. Mensa-Bonsu GH 100 Law school bookshop)
The Annotated Criminal Procedure (Act 30) and Juvenile Justice Act of Ghana Henrietta J.A.N. Mensa-Bonsu GH 120
Essentials of the Ghana Law of Evidence ** Justice S.A. Brobbey GH 300
Practice and Procedure in the Trial Courts and Tribunals of Ghana Justice S.A. Brobbey GH 250 (free from Law School)
The Role of the Supreme Court in the Development of Constitutional Law in Ghana ** Dr S.Y. Bimpong Buta GH900 Compound next to New Law Complex - GH400
Civil Procedure: A Practical Approach Kwame Tetteh GH 500
The Annotated High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules, 2004 (C.I. 47) Kwamina Mensah GH 300

A bookshop, which also sells law books, can be found immediately next to the New Law Complex on Johns Evans Atta Mills High Street. It is an abandoned courtyard with red brick walls. Inside is a small white building which sells some law books at lower prices. Not all the books they sell are cheaper and you will often get more competitive prices at the Ghana Law School Book shop.


Exams are generally in June and last a whole month. The exam time table is usually evenly spaced to allow for study time in between exams. However, we would recommend covering all the material before the start of exams to prevent nasty surprises.

The pass mark historically has been 50%.

Call to the bar

Admission or Call to the Bar

  • Step 1. Take and pass the bar examination
  • Step 2. Complete the enrolment form and pay fee
  • Step 3. Get gown and wig
  • Step 4. Attend rehearsal
  • Step 5: Attend banquet
  • Step 6. Attend ceremony
  • Step 7. After party (arrange your own) and church service (Saturday – space restrictions so enquire)

After passing the Bar exams, a passing candidate must be admitted or called to the Bar before can practice as a lawyer. The call is a ceremonial process where the Chief Justice admits qualified students to the Bar.

Students must fill in an enrolment form and get a qualified lawyer who has been at the Bar for at least 10 years to sign for them before paying the enrolment fee. In October 2017, the enrolment fee was GHC 1,500. The school may ask students for a further GHc10 for the Commissioner of Oaths fee.

Call is usually on the first Friday of October. The ceremony is held at

Rehearsals are usually held on the Wednesday before the ceremony at the Ghana Law School Hall on the Makola campus. There is also a dinner on the Thursday evening to celebrate the students before the main event on Friday. There is also a church ceremony held on Saturday however due to space restrictions this should be enquired about first.


You will need a gown and wig, collar or collarette for the ceremony.

These can all be bought from the Ghana Law School bookshop. Full set (Foreign) – GHc690
Full set (Local) – GHc480

In the UK, these can be bought from
Stanley Ley (London) https://www.stanley-ley.co.uk/
Ede and Ravencroft https://www.edeandravenscroft.com/
Threshers and Glenny http://www.barristersclothing.com/index.asp


There will be freelance photographers at the ceremony trying to hawk their services and wares. Some of the more elaborate set ups have backgrounds where you can take photos. Students may choose to hire their own photographers for the day or get family members stand in.